i) Update Your Own Information

ii) General Search Guidelines

iii) Search Results

Update your own information

1. Go to phonebook.fiu.edu and search for yourself.

2. Update your information by clicking on the [edit] link in your card.


3. The link will take you to MyFIU Employee Self Service. Once there, verify your phone numbers and contact information. Make sure the check boxes under “Publish in Phonebook” are set according to your preferences.


4. You may also choose to add an Alias, or Nickname to your phonebook entry to allow users to search by that name instead.


5. Next, update your location information for each position you hold. This information is validated by the official building data coming from Academic Space Management.


6. Make sure to choose a primary location and check the “Publish in Phonebook” checkbox according to your preferences.


7. If you work for a certain unit within the parent department, you can specify it in the “Additional Department Information” section.


8. Look up the department unit and associate it with your phonebook entry. (Instructions on how to create Department Units are at the end of this document).


9. Verify your phonebook profile and click on the “Publish in Phonebook” button at the bottom of the page. Visit phonebook.fiu.edu again and your information should be immediately updated.

General Search Guidelines

  • You may search by phone number, (e.g., 305-348-2284).
  • You may search using both first and last name.
  • Enter name Keyword(s) to search for, (e.g., "John Smith" or "John" or "Smith")
  • Employee Search Keywords must contain at least 2 characters.
  • Department Search Keywords must contain at least 3 characters.
  • Do not use wildcards, or non-alphanumeric characters (*, ?, etc.).
  • Try to use at least 4 characters when searching. This will filter out a lot of inaccurate results.
  • Search Results

  • The phonebook search feature only shows the first 50 records in the list of results.
  • If Your search returned more than 50 results. Please try a more precise query.